Strategy in Action and THETA Consultancy

Mar 28, 2024
London, UK
Strategy in Action and THETA Consultancy

London, 28 March 2024 – Strategy in Action, a leader in the field of strategy formulation and execution is proud to announce its partnership with THETA Consultancy, a consultancy and business development firm. They have a team of experienced business consultants who are passionate about helping businesses grow.

This partnership will see THETA Consultancy utilise the Strategy in Action solution with their stable of clients globally. Visualise Solutions will work closely with Strategy in Action to deliver the renowned SiA Programme, an innovative end-to-end strategy solution designed to increase success through a blend of essential components:

  • The SiA Platform: An innovative software designed to maximise inputs and results.
  • SiA Workshops & Coaching: A team of strategy professionals who deliver expert workshops to coach, challenge client teams and push clients along their strategic journey.
  • SiA Data & Insights: Leverage a library of resources that guide your decision making and market analysis.

Business Development Director, Subhi Alkayyali, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: “We are delighted to announce that THETA Consultancy and SiA have joined forces to form a powerful alliance in the business consulting industry. This partnership brings together the expertise, experience, and innovative thinking of both companies, allowing us to deliver even greater value and results to our clients.”

“Strategy in Action and THETA Consultancy share a strong commitment to empowering businesses to recognize and leverage opportunities, surmount challenges, and realise their long-term objectives. With this partnership, I am confident that we will deliver outstanding results for THETA Consultancy’s clients, leveraging the expertise of Strategy in Action. I look forward to embarking on this journey of growth together,” remarked Davide Sola, CEO & Co-founder of Strategy in Action.

Theta specialises in tailored solutions, focusing on value, long-term partnerships and utilising technology to drive medium-sized businesses towards increased growth and profitability. This mission aligns seamlessly with Strategy in Action’s dedication to empowering ambitious organisations worldwide by enhancing their strategies and innovating their business models for sustainable growth.

We look forward to continuing this partnership to drive success and growth worldwide.

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