Focused sessions run by certified strategy experts

The Strategy in Action Programme is facilitated by expert Workshops & Coaching sessions, run by certified SiA Consultants. Delivered either in-person or online to suit your needs, every session is customised to deliver on your goals and timeline

Experienced consultants guiding and pushing your team

At the heart of every strategy are the people who bring it life. That’s why Strategy in Action is delivered by expert SiA Consultants; industry leading strategy professionals who are robustly trained and certified in delivering the Strategy in Action Programme.

Our SiA Consultants have an extensive range of industry, sector and geographic expertise – meaning you can work in partnership with a consulting team that have a specialist skill-set designed to maximise the collaboration with your teams

Workshops & Coaching
Workshops & Coaching
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Executing your strategy effectively

Unlike others, your SiA consultants aren’t going anywhere! We make sure you achieve your goals. Your SiA team is all hands-on deck to work with you on strategy formulation, execution and refresh.
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Training & Upskilling your Teams

The Workshops & Coaching sessions also serve an additional purpose of training your people through an MBA style format. Your resources will learn about key strategic frameworks and develop tangible skills in Strategic Agility and Strategic Problem Solving, equipping them to be more efficient and effective contributors for years to come.

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Online or in-person

Modules focus on a combination of theory sessions and engaging activities. We also conduct supportive working sessions where you apply your learnings on your company to build your strategy.

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Certified SiA Consultants and Experts

Masters of their trade – SiA Consultants drive your team through every module of the SiA Programme, delivering workshops and taking coaching calls between every session. They work in collaboration with your teams to draw on their experience and expertise every step of the way.

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Flexible timeline to suit your needs

Tap into the wisdom of your teams and stakeholders with thorough and industry proven internal surveys. Engage your team, extract their experience and expertise, leveraging their accumulated knowledge to deliver impactful insights.

Unlock the benefits and empower your people

Strategy in Action is proven to deliver results time and again through collaborative efforts between your team and your expert SIA Consultants. Our Workshops & Coaching blend the industry expertise of your organisation with the strategy capabilities of true experts in your corner

Maximise the experience and know-how inside your business, as the Leadership Team collaborates to develop the company strategy, drawing on extensive knowledge in your field of play

Detailed involvement of your Leadership Team in the development of the strategy ensures team alignment and extreme ownership, proven to yield improved results

Expertly facilitated sessions enable your teams to unlock best practices and insights, improving effectiveness and efficiency by cutting through unnecessary legacy frameworks and processes

Capability building is at the forefront of SiA. Your people will develop strong and lasting skills in strategic thinking, agility and decision making – enabling better results for the short, medium and long term

Access global expertise across industries and sectors

Strategy in Action Consultants come from a wide-ranging background, with specific expertise across an extensive number of industries and sectors around the world.

From Pharma to Financial Services, Holding Companies through to fast-growing Enterprises, you can find a SiA Consultant with the specific experience and know-how required to deliver results for your business

Your subscription to a codified and robust process that delivers results

Access the SiA Programme through an annual subscription and involve your senior management and the larger team in a comprehensive journey covering strategy development, execution, and ongoing improvement.

After decades of experience with clients, we have honed each workshop session to bridge critical gaps. We ensure seamless integration of strategy consulting with executive education. SiA drives commitment at every level of your organisation.

An example strategy journey of a SiA client

Hear from those who power their business with Strategy in Action

Organisations use SiA because they need a solution that delivers results now and equips them for the future. Hear from those who have walked the walk

Set your Strategic Direction in 60 Minutes

We’ve supported some of the world’s most successful organisations in developing their strategic North Star – and now, it’s your turn!