One programme to deliver a successful strategy your team can act on

Effective business strategy is challenging, stopping you from setting and delivering on your goals. The Strategy in Action (SiA) Programme helps you build and execute your strategy to empower sustainable growth and scale.

Andrew Willdig
VP Global Customers at Gunnebo Safe Storage
Jos Sclater
Chief Executive Officer at Ultra
Develop a Strategy
Act and Learn
Adapt and Grow

The right business strategy can be tough to crack

Transforming your business strategy into profitable growth is a formidable challenge, one that becomes even more critical in the face of constrained time and resources. In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, the stakes are higher than ever, and failure to adapt can mean falling behind.

Worst of all, strategy often yields mixed results and fails where it matters most – execution.

You don't have clarity or ownership

You could go outside and get a big name player to build it for you, but this is very expensive, and disconnects your teams from those who will ultimately have to deliver.

You're not growing

We’ve all seen it, a strategy that looks great on paper but falls down at the execution stage. It’s very difficult to deliver an effective strategy without a clear plan, ownership and clarity of results.

You're burning time and money

To be done well, a strategy requires detailed planning and a thorough analysis of your company & the external market environment. It’s challenging to find the time and expertise to do this.

Your team is disengaged

Strategy is often developed and owned by a small number of people – either internally or by external consultants – and remains disconnected from those who need to implement it every day.

The SiA Programme supports businesses around the world in overcoming these challenges, enabling them to deliver meaningful results to their stakeholders.

You deserve a strategy you can act on to achieve profitable growth

Strategy in Action is the ground-breaking solution poised to revolutionise your approach to business strategy. Our immersive programme combines three expertly crafted elements that empower you to transcend traditional boundaries and achieve truly scalable growth year after year.

The SiA Programme offers strategy not as a one-time activity, but as a continuous and iterative process. We help you achieve your business goals while keeping your strategic processes agile and impactful.

Each component is inter-connected and designed to deliver impact for your business.

The SiA Platform is a powerful strategy software that radically streamlines your processes, Workshops & Coaching drive and educate your teams, whilst Data & Insights enable you to make better and more effective business decisions.

Strategy in Action
Three components that come together in one Programme to maximise your success
Strategy in Action
Three components that come together in one Programme to maximise your success
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SiA Platform

First of its kind - strategy workflow software. To build, execute and refresh your strategy.

  • The first digital platform fully dedicated to strategy
  • Secure, collaborative and cloud-based solution
  • Covering Strategy, Operating Plan, Progress Review and Strategy Refresh
See our platform in action
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SiA Workshops & Coaching

Immersive workshops and coaching sessions led by SiA Certified Consultants; designed to engage and educate your people, maximising outcomes.

  • Delivered by your team of SiA Consultants - experts in their field that work with you every step of the way
  • Expert workshops and coaching to challenge and upskill your teams
  • Built from decades of experience in the academic and business worlds. Strategy expertise designed to build your knowledge & capabilities
  • Access to additional custom consulting, as and when you need it. On demand consulting services tailored to the specific needs of your company
Experience our workshops and coaching
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Data & Insights

Curated insights and analysis specific to your business. To drive smart decision-making and fuel growth.

  • Your strategy is fueled by data, research and insights
  • Strategic foresights to futureproof your business
  • Industry benchmarking and assessments
  • Expansive insights from surveys that draw on the expertise of your teams
  • Market sizing, trends and competitor analysis to keep you ahead of the game
Discover data-driven decision making

Business leaders and their organisations globally are benefiting from Strategy in Action

and many more...

3 steps to activate your strategy

Scope your requirements

We’ll walk through a demo. You’ll walk away knowing how Strategy in Action will enable your success. Our proposal includes timings, required resources and key outputs, so you know exactly what to expect.

Develop your strategy

Our certified Strategy in Action Consultants will work with your team, delivering impactful Workshops & Coaching sessions, as well as conducting data gathering, reporting, analysis and decision-making to support your strategic plan.

Execute and adapt

Now that you have a strategy that your team can commit to and act on, you can get back to leading. As you adapt to changing market conditions, we’ll provide ongoing support through regular and structure Progress Reviews, to help you measure results, mitigate risk and achieve profitable and sustainable growth.

Generate world-class outputs that are the foundation of your Strategic Plan

Through SiA, your team will build and define your Strategic Plan – as well as deliver and monitor execution through your Operating Plan – by constructing powerful and concise outputs in the SiA Platform

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A concise summary of your organisations "North Star". The Strategy in a Page output defines your Vision, Mission and Level of Ambition - setting a clear destination that underpins your strategy

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A visual representation of your competitive landscape that shows the market offerings and segments that you operate in today and those in which you could operate in going forward.

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A comparison of your return on invested capital (ROIC) against your peers and the industry average, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses in terms of capital efficiency and value creation.

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The Capabilities Matrix is a powerful output that showcases your ranked and prioritised Strengths and Weaknesses. Developed using a codified assessment of your capabilities across four criteria; the outputs are your Core Strengths - which are the areas that you believe to be very important, and that you perform well in today. Your Core Weaknesses are areas of significant importance, where you believe you are falling behind your competitors.

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A comprehensive analysis, utilising classic theory and frameworks to provide an in-depth assessment of your market spaces.

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A visual representation of the potential financial cost of the external threats that could negatively affect your business performance.

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A visual representation of the potential financial benefit of external opportunities that could positively affect your business performance.

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A synthesis that helps you identify and evaluate your internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as external opportunities and threats.

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A set of high-level choices that define the direction and focus of your strategy into key areas, based on your SWOT analysis and market assessment.

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A simulation of the expected financial effects of implementing your strategic priorities.

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A visual representation of your outlined Strategic Priorities alongside their expected financial costs and benefits.

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A representation of the worst case, baseline and ambition scenarios of your strategy.

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A breakdown of the costs associated with executing your strategy, including operating expenses and capital expenditures and financing costs.

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A projection of the revenues and profits that you expect to generate from executing your strategy, based on your market assessment, scenario analysis and cost requirements.

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A plan that outlines the timeline of Strategic Initiatives required to implement your Strategic Priorities.

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An in-depth examination of the Strategic Initiatives necessary to execute each Strategic Priority, covering Activities, Milestones, OKRs, Costs, Risks and more.

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Your needs are varied. 
Our plans are flexible.

Whether you’re a large corporate looking to develop your global strategy, a single business unit striving for growth or an SME aiming for scale, we have a plan to suit you
Who it’s for
Businesses looking to build, execute or refresh their strategy
What’s included?
SiA Platform, Workshops & Coaching and optional consulting
Delivery Timeline
Delivered between 4 to 16+ weeks, depending on your needs
Delivery Method
Delivered one-to-one with a tailored approach, in-person or online
Platform license
Annual subscription from 5 to 50 users
Price on application

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Experience SiA at our next Strategy Launchpad event

The Strategy Launchpad is a quick and focused in-person or online workshop that introduces you to the SiA Programme, the latest strategy frameworks, and the outputs that will build your winning strategy.

Network with our team, industry experts and business leaders – all whilst developing your strategic muscles. We have events coming up around the world as well as online, and we’d love to have you join us.

Hear from the business leaders of our SiA Enterprise client

The fun and engaging Strategy in Action Programme helped us to develop an actionable strategy plan for our SouthEast Asia subsidiaries. The SiA process is easy to follow, it includes facilitated workshops, coaching sessions, best practices and curated data and insights that allowed us to focus on execution from day one.

Gunnebo has been working with Strategy in Action for several years, getting support with strategy development, changing the way we do business. The Programme has engaged all leaders in Gunnebo and helped us to develop a clear and robust strategic path forward. The Strategy in Action journey has been a truly transformational one for Gunnebo.

I first started working with the Strategy in Action Programme 10 years ago and it was immediately clear what it brought to the company: strategic thinking with the process in mind to enable a flawless execution. No matter in which field your company is operating, SiA helps you go beyond the knowledge of the area...strategy and process are agnostic!

Andy Ransom
CEO, Rentokil Initial
Stefan Syren
CEO, Gunnebo
Elisa Andrei
Marketing Director, Galapagos

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