Strategy in Action and Ducker Carlisle

Jun 11, 2024
London, UK
Strategy in Action and Ducker Carlisle

London, 11 June 2024 – Strategy in Action, a leader in the field of strategy formulation and execution is proud to announce its partnership with Ducker Carlisle, a global consulting and M&A advisory company with an unrivalled continuum of insights, benchmarking, and strategy solutions.

This partnership will see Ducker Carlisle utilise the Strategy in Action solution with their stable of clients globally. Ducker Carlisle will work closely with Strategy in Action to deliver the renowned SiA Programme, an innovative end-to-end strategy solution designed to increase success through a blend of essential components:

  • The SiA Platform: An innovative software designed to maximize inputs and results.
  • SiA Workshops & Coaching: A team of strategy professionals who deliver expert workshops to coach, challenge client teams and push clients along their strategic journey.
  • SiA Data & Insights: Leverage a library of resources that guide your decision making and market analysis.

Principal at Ducker Carlisle, Nate Chenenko, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: “We have been so impressed by the SiA Platform and its comprehensive yet flexible approach towards strategy project work. My team and I at Ducker Carlisle look forward to supplementing client workshops and coaching on the platform with our expertise in the automotive, heavy equipment, and industrials spaces”.

“We are thrilled to welcome Ducker Carlisle as a Strategy in Action Partner. Their focus on optimizing business performance and accelerating growth for many of the world’s largest companies and private equity firms perfectly aligns with the core objectives of Strategy in Action. I am confident that this collaboration will foster mutual development for both entities and ensure successful outcomes for our clients in the US.”, said Davide Sola, CEO & Co-founder of Strategy in Action

Ducker Carlisle combines a data-driven approach, practical strategic frameworks, analytical capabilities, and deep sector expertise to deliver proven results for their clients. This mission strongly complements Strategy in Action’s commitment to maximizing business potential and delivering exceptional outcomes.

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