Studio Spiller

Castellamonte (TO),
Certified public accountants and auditors to accompany companies in their strategic choices and verify their correct application.

Studio Spiller operates throughout Italy, collaborating both with Studio Givone for legal matters and with Berta Studio and Ceccon Studio for labour consulting. It also avails itself of further professional collaborations for matters related to succession and finance.


Consultations are conducted both in person and online according to the client’s needs, the level of computerization of the procedures is very high with specialized personnel able to provide assistance remotely. The management software used is Zucchetti Spa, and innovative solutions are made available to clients both for the sharing of documents and for their processing.


For-profit Businesses:

Joint-stock Companies, Partnerships, Simple Companies, Holding Companies, Startups, Family Businesses, Sole Proprietorships, Artisans, Merchants, Freelancers, Flat-rate Tax Regime

Non-profit Organizations:

Associations and Amateur Sports Companies with Limited Liability, Mutual Aid Societies, Foundations, Social Promotion Associations, Cultural, Recreational, and Social Associations (Musical Bands and Choirs, Unitre, Pro Loco, Red Cross, Firefighters…).

Supported Languages
  • Italian
  • English
  • French
Core Geographies Serviced
  • Italy
Specialty Industries
  • Sport and Sports Facilities Management
  • Restaurants
  • Construction
  • Entertainment
  • Non-Profit
  • Personal Services
  • Freelance Professionals
  • Business Auditing
  • Commercial activities (Commerce)
Contact Details Castellamonte office (HQ)
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Piazza della Repubblica 27, Castellamonte (TO), Piedomont, 10081,
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Contact Details Rivarolo Canavese
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Via Gallo Pecca 24, Rivarolo Canavese (TO), Piedmont, 10086
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Paolo Bosco
Chief Strategy Sales Officer, Eurofork

Interesting, fun and engaging, all companies were very involved and engaged. The content was amazing, the advisors were fantastic, all providing clear explanations and always available to provide support whenever needed.

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