Quantra manages the growth and creation of future value for your business and the sustainability of your community.

Quantra is the business consulting division of Studio Maruggi and stems from the firm’s specific need to provide a service that goes beyond traditional economic, legal and administrative expertise. The main focus is on supporting clients in production processes, in supporting the computerisation of logistics and customer service processes and in industrial management control, focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises. Over time, Quantra has grown by expanding its scope, integrating specific competences in the area of strategic planning and corporate responsibility, both with respect to regulations and the legal requirements for companies in the ESG area, thus strengthening its organisational structure and developing new services in the area of Digital Transformation.


Operating in an integrated manner with the professional skills present in Studio Maruggi, Quantra is a business services company capable of supporting large and small clients with services that integrate various aspects of business life, with the aim of being a partner for growth, profit and the generation of lasting and sustainable value


Quantra is a reality designed for SMEs and/or Large Enterprises that operate in the territory and are willing to build a shared growth path with strategic and operational process management as its main focus. Quantra is a reliable and long-term partner that not only helps you on the path to change but is an active and concrete player in ensuring that change is perceived and valued by all.

Supported Languages
  • Italian
  • English
Core Geographies Serviced
  • Italy
Specialty Industries
  • Automotive
  • Food
  • Manufacturing
  • Defence
  • Plumbing
  • Trade
  • Logistics and transport
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Services
  • Informatics
  • Utilities
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Via Fratelli Porcellaga 15, Brescia, Lombardy, 25122, Italy
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Paolo Bosco
Chief Strategy Sales Officer, Eurofork

Interesting, fun and engaging, all companies were very involved and engaged. The content was amazing, the advisors were fantastic, all providing clear explanations and always available to provide support whenever needed.

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