Strategy Unscripted

Strategy Unscripted is our video series that is dedicated to unravelling the intricate world of business strategy through candid, enlightening conversations with some of the industry's most influential leaders

ATP Tour on Navigating Business Uncertainties

Listen to ATP Tour’s CEO, Massimo Calvelli, talk about ATP Tour’s strategic approach to business in a volatile and uncertain environment and how he ensures success for the organisation.
Massimo Calvelli

Defining Strategic Priorities for Ultra

Jos Sclater and Ben Davis discuss the challenges in defining strategic priorities and bringing alignment throughout the organisation. Jos expands on how strategic execution is critical to the success of the organisation.
Jos Sclater
Former CFO Ultra Electronics

Evolution of Gunnebo’s Strategy

Andrew discusses how to approach strategic implementation amidst political and social upheavals and the evolution of strategy as it moves from the leadership team to the rest of the organisation. Andrew highlights the importance of having a strategic direction and a strategic plan.
Andrew Willdig
VP Global Customers Gunnebo

Set your Strategic Direction in 60 Minutes

We’ve supported some of the world’s most successful organisations in developing their strategic North Star – and now, it’s your turn!