Strategy in Action & NextWave Consulting

Apr 23, 2024
London, UK
Strategy in Action & NextWave Consulting

London, 24 April 2024 – Strategy in Action, a leader in the field of strategy formulation and execution is proud to announce its partnership with NextWave Consulting, a strategy consulting firm aimed at training and empowering clients to achieve business growth, increased efficiency and accelerate delivery of business goals.

This partnership will see NextWave Consulting utilise the Strategy in Action solution with their stable of clients globally. NextWave Consulting will work closely with Strategy in Action to deliver the renowned SiA Programme, an innovative end-to-end strategy solution designed to increase success through a blend of essential components:

  • The SiA Platform: An innovative software designed to maximize inputs and results.
  • SiA Workshops & Coaching: A team of strategy professionals who deliver expert workshops to coach, challenge client teams and push clients along their strategic journey.
  • SiA Data & Insights: Leverage a library of resources that guide your decision making and market analysis.

CEO of NextWave Consulting, Tony Clark, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: “Through our partnership with Strategy in Action, we are excited to combine NextWave’s acceleration solutions and world-class delivery with SIA’s proven expertise.  Together, we will help our clients define clear strategies and drive impactful change in today’s complex business landscape with confidence, helping them drive sustainable growth.”

“We are thrilled to have NextWave Consulting as a Strategy in Action Partner. The focus of NextWave on driving the digital revolution for its clients aligns perfectly with the core objectives of Strategy in Action. I am confident that this collaboration will foster mutual development for both entities and ensure successful outcomes for clients worldwide.”, said Davide Sola, CEO & Co-founder of Strategy in Action

NextWave Consulting is dedicated to helping companies deliver outstanding results through industry-leading performance in operations, marketing & sales, product development, or support functions. This mission strongly complements Strategy in Action’s commitment to maximising business potential and delivering results.

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