SiA Academic

The Strategy in Action Programme is a “plug and play solution” for Business Schools and Executive Education


Strategy in Action blends academic rigour with real world application

With SiA Academic you can bring the Strategy in Action Programme to your business school.

What is SiA Academic?

The Strategy in Action Programme is a “plug and play solution” for Business Schools and Executive Education:

  • SiA is the best-in-class, end-to-end strategy programme, proven to increase success by combining innovative software, expert workshops and impactful coaching to enable more resilient, efficient and effective strategies.
  • Designed by vastly experienced strategy professionals and leading strategy academics; your team can be activated quickly and simply to deliver SiA straight away, empowering your decision making.
  • Not just suited to businesses, SiA can also be delivered as part of your MBA Programme, bringing the latest in strategy technology and theory to the next generation.

Who is SiA Academic for?

The SiA Academic Programme is for leading Professors and Business Schools who are looking to bring an industry-leading strategy programme to their students or additionally to their business network.

What do you get out of SiA Academic?

With the SiA Academic Programme, you can bring the entire Strategy in Action solution to your business school, with the following key benefits:

  • Asking the right questions: The programme guides you through the key strategic questions that leadership teams must address

  • Providing the blueprint for analysis: The SiA platform incorporates the management theories and frameworks you need to apply in order to answer the questions for your organisation

  • Data-driven assessments: SiA tells you what data you need to effectively conduct the analysis and produce automated outputs and data models

  • Designed for making decisions: You can focus on taking the right decisions, while the application does the “heavy lifting”, generating data-driven analysis and forecast financial projections in an automated way

How is SiA Academic delivered?

SiA Academic has flexible delivery options, designed to cater for the specific needs of the course recipient:

  • EMBA or Open Enrolment: Delivered online, in-person or via hybrid delivery over six, short 2-hour synchronous or asynchronous sessions where all of the key strategic theories and frameworks are explained and worked through. Application of the learnings is implemented through the use of the SiA Platform and comprehensive Harvard-style case studies, where students can use the programme either in groups or individually to develop an end-to-end strategic plan.

  • SiA ClubDelivered online over six days to a cohort of 10-30 companies represented by up to five executives.

  • SiA Enterprise: Delivered online, in-person or via hybrid delivery over six days to an individual corporation, a collection of business units or a large corporation.

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