Our Company (DE)

Strategy in Action (SiA) is the world’s first dedicated end-to-end strategy programme, specifically designed to support organisations in formulating, executing and communicating their winning business strategy, enabling them to achieve their most ambitious goals and deliver scalable growth year on year.

25 years

The end product of more than 25 years of world-class consulting and academic experience, SiA has innovation and expertise at its core. Combining a cutting-edge strategy software (the SiA Platform), with hands-on and supportive consulting sessions (Workshops & Coaching), as well as insightful analytics (Data & Insights) – SiA is equipped to support organisations globally in achieving incredible goals.

From the sharp-end of manufacturing and defense, through to financial behemoths, the world of elite professional sport and countless industries in between, Strategy in Action is setting the new standard globally for how businesses and their teams build, execute and iterate their strategies – delivering impact and success each step of the way.

Strategy in Action unites technology and consulting prowess with your organisations deep-level industry knowledge and experience, putting your team at the heart of the process.

The result is transformative for your business; delivering a robust and comprehensive strategic plan that is an easy-to-communicate single source of truth, extreme team commitment and ownership of your strategy, world class capability building in strategic problem solving – and a repeatable process that ensures you have the skills, data, processes and support you need to keep delivering incredible results year after year.

Our Vision

To become the platform of choice for strategy activation* chosen by leadership teams worldwide for their strategic management challenges.

*The discipline of putting strategy into action.

Our Mission

We democratise strategy activation by developing programmes*, technology and business models to make strategy activation accessible to everyone.

*The translation of management methods, theories and frameworks into usable tools and applied learning to solve strategic problems.

We love to collaborate with and learn from forward thinking and ambitious strategists

Whether it’s our SiA Partners, clients or just someone who loves pushing the envelope of strategy work, we always want to speak with individuals who are passionate about what they do!

DE Set your Strategic Direction in 60 Minutes

We’ve supported some of the world’s most successful organisations in developing their strategic North Star – and now, it’s your turn!