Strategy in Action and First Friday

Jun 24, 2024
London, UK
Strategy in Action and First Friday

London, 24 June 2024 – Strategy in Action, a leader in the field of strategy formulation and execution is proud to announce its partnership with First Friday, a consulting, change management and training business specialising in systems transformation, retails consulting and capability building.

This partnership will see First Friday utilise the Strategy in Action solution with their stable of clients globally. First Friday will work closely with Strategy in Action to deliver the renowned SiA Programme, an innovative end-to-end strategy solution designed to increase success through a blend of essential components:

  • The SiA Platform: An innovative software designed to maximise inputs and results.
  • SiA Workshops & Coaching: A team of strategy professionals who deliver expert workshops to coach, challenge client teams and push clients along their strategic journey.
  • SiA Data & Insights: Leverage a library of resources that guide your decision making and market analysis.

Partner of First Friday, Gita North, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership: “I am truly excited by the collaboration between First Friday and SiA. Formulation of a clear executable strategy that has wide organisational buy-in is essential to driving long term success. I look forward to introducing SiA to our clients.”

“Strategy in Action and First Friday are deeply dedicated to improving strategic excellence within UK businesses. I am optimistic that this collaboration will yield exceptional results for First Friday’s clients by harnessing the expertise of Strategy in Action. I eagerly anticipate our mutual growth journey,” stated Davide Sola, CEO & Co-founder of Strategy in Action.

First Friday is the ideal partner for businesses looking to deliver real, lasting change and who understand that successful transformation means putting your people front and centre. Their core values align seamlessly with Strategy in Action’s dedication to delivering results for their clients and empowering ambitious organisations worldwide in developing stronger and more efficient strategies.

We look forward to continuing this partnership to drive success and growth worldwide.

Strategy in Action and Ducker Carlisle
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