A Strategy in Action Journey

Cultivating Success with Ambius

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With over 50 years of expertise, Ambius stands at the forefront of creating exceptional commercial spaces. Their team of experts spans 15 countries, offering deep insights into the impact of the ambient environment on brand reputation. Through interior and exterior plant displays, living green walls, flowers, replica foliage, Christmas trees & decorations, holiday décor and scenting solutions, they design, install and service consistently superior experiences for the built environment, enhancing workspaces by expertly incorporating plants, maximising human potential and setting businesses apart.

The Ambius Strategy in Action Journey

In the pursuit of excellence, Ambius – an industry leader in creating captivating commercial spaces – collaborated with Strategy in Action to embark on a transformative journey.

Led by CEO, Lorri MacHarg, Ambius set out to craft a clear, compelling and structured strategic plan, with the goal of building on their already established position as the industry leader in North American Interior & Exterior Landscaping, further growing their business for years to come.

I see the Strategy in Action Programme as a guiding light in our journey towards industry leadership. It has brought clarity, cohesion, and strategic direction to Ambius, allowing us to chart a course towards our goals with unwavering confidence.

Lorri MacHarg
Lorri MacHarg
Ambius CEO
Strategic Odyssey

Ambius' Strategic Voyage: From Vision to Action

Ambius embarked on a holistic strategic transformation journey, encompassing the entire strategy process from the formulation of a vision to the implementation of actions on the individual level. This voyage was marked by several imperatives:

  1. Strategic Clarity: At the heart of this journey was the quest for strategic clarity. Ambius aimed to hone the value they provide to customers, set specific goals and prepare for potential risks and challenges. They sought a comprehensive understanding of their market landscape, identifying new opportunities and segments.
  2. Actionable Strategy: A pivotal objective was to make their strategy highly actionable. This involved cascading strategic and enabling priorities into operational initiatives. Each initiative had a well-defined game plan and ownership. Ambius understood that strategy wasn’t just about planning; it was about execution.
  3. Robust Business Cases: Building robust business cases for initiatives was a critical aspect of their transformation. They meticulously examined the specific inputs, measures and resource requirements involved with each, ensuring alignment with overarching strategic priorities. This process provided a clear business case for each initiative’s implementation.

The Strategy in Action programme served as the linchpin of this journey, offering the tools, frameworks and methodologies necessary for success. It was a voyage that encapsulated Ambius’ evolution from strategic vision to tangible results.

Conquering Challenges

Ambius in a Competitive Landscape

As a market leader across North America, Ambius faced a number of challenges to overcome to allow them to achieve their goals and bring further success:

  1. Ambius operate 36 branches spread throughout North America, necessitating the need for high quality and coordinated centralised communication.
  2. Intense competition in an increasingly capital intense industry.
  3. Disruptions resulting from COVID-19 and the recession that the US faced in the fallout of the pandemic.

The Strategy in Action Programme has been a game-changer for us at Ambius. It’s not just about planning; it’s about empowerment and execution. It has equipped us with the skills and frameworks to turn our strategies into tangible results, making a significant impact at every level of the organisation.

Blair Anderson
Blair Anderson
Ambius Central Market Director

Ambius’ Path to Transformation with Strategy in Action

The Ambius strategy was guided and facilitated by the Strategy in Action process, implementing the unique fusion of workshops, coaching, and the online SiA application:

  • Data Gathering and Training: The project commenced with a data gathering, training, and preparatory process, ensuring Ambius’ existing data was integrated into the platform and that selected “Super Users” received training on using the platform.
  • Workshops and Engagement: Hands-on workshops were conducted with the Ambius management team, both online and in-person, with close engagement to ensure buy-in and execution by those who conceived the strategy.
  • Formulating the Strategic Plan: Together, they crafted the Ambius Strategic Plan, encapsulating their goals and priorities for the coming years.
  • Cascading Initiatives: Detailed strategic initiatives were built, facilitating the seamless cascade of the strategy down to individual levels, illuminating how daily work contributes to Ambius’ success.

The Visionary Strategic Outputs

  1. Comprehensive 2023 – 2028 Strategic Plan: An end-to-end strategic plan was meticulously developed in collaboration with Ambius’ management team, offering a clear roadmap to their goals, success metrics, and execution priorities, all easily accessible in one location.
  2. Empowered Senior Management: Eighteen of Ambius’s senior management team members were engaged, empowered, and upskilled through the Strategy in Action Programme. They acquired core competencies in Strategic Agility and Strategic Decision Making, ensuring they have the skills and frameworks for long-term strategy success.
  3. Concise and Executable Initiatives: The strategy development process yielded concise, user-friendly initiatives that effortlessly cascaded throughout the organisation, ensuring every department understood its vital role.
  4. Enhanced Data-Driven Decision-Making: Ambius now thrives on precise, specific data that fuels decision-making from the corporate level to daily operations, leading to enhanced execution and more impactful results.

Strategy in Action is more than a programme; it’s a mindset. It has given Ambius the tools to innovate, adapt, and lead in a rapidly changing landscape. The Programme has empowered us to navigate the complex terrain of our industry with clarity and confidence, and it’s transformed how we approach strategic decision-making.

Lorri MacHarg
Lorri MacHarg
Ambius CEO

The partnership between Ambius and Strategy in Action has set them on a course to fulfill their ambitions and elevate commercial spaces with innovation, well-being, and world-class experiences.

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