Become a Value Added Partner

Deliver your expertise to your clients by leveraging our platform — a unique opportunity to diversify your services.
Adopt the SiA Platform and learn tools and marketing resources as a core part of your value proposition to create a new recurring revenue stream for your business

Who Qualifies?

Established firms

Current partners include management consulting firms, accountants, marketing agencies and specialist advisory practices - all of whom want to add a new service to their offering and gain a new revenue stream through SiA.

Newly launched firms

Just started up your firm? You can still become a SiA partner and bolster your value proposition. Many of our partners were former certified professionals who wanted to offer SiA to their own firm's clients.

Get Started Today

Becoming a certified partner and bolstering your value proposition is a three-step process:
Step 1

Book a consultation call and get invited into the community.

Step 2

Complete our specially designed, bespoke training course and deliver your first SiA programme.

Step 3

Pass your certified SiA assessment to prove your new skills, ability and knowledge.